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Coiltek coils NOX series
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Coiltek NOX Coil Series




Since we launched the new NOX coils, we have received 1000’s of orders for the product, and these orders are continuing to grow each day.

We are naturally delighted to have such a positive response to the NOX product and we are grateful for your support. However, due to this unprecedented worldwide demand and the various impacts of COVID-19, deliveries are taking longer than usual.

Be assured, our worldwide distributors and dealers are doing the best they can and we are keeping in close contact with them. They are being updated regularly on availability and stock quantities.

We at Coiltek have a great production team and we are working around the clock to supply. Our commitment to quality and providing you with the best product possible is and will continue to be at the forefront.

Current delays can be up to 12 weeks from placement of your order. The best way to purchase a NOX coil is to contact your local Coiltek dealer and place an order. Again, thank you for your support and patience, we sincerely apologise for these delays.

The Team at Coiltek

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“The Coiltek NOX series is fully Minelab approved and is the complete perfect set for the leading coin and relic machine on the market. The 10 x 5 NOX coil provides excellent coverage and separation in trashy areas. The 14 x 9 NOX coil is the ideal weighted coil for beach hunting. The 15" NOX coil just cuts through large heavily grassed areas with great depth and stability. The NOX coils have a reinforced shaft connection point and a solid skidplate attached, this allows the NOX coils to take on any terrain with ease." - Guy, Australia

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