Coiltek Blog - Makes Gold Prospecting Easier - 14x9" ELITE mono

Makes Gold Prospecting Easier

Makes It Easier

I recently completed a three day prospecting course with “Gold talk Leonora” in the WA gold fields. This course is run by two great people, Tony and Lisa Pilkington. I can highly recommend it to anyone. Tony is a third generation prospector in the area. This you may have guessed, was my first time prospecting. Using a GPX 5000 with a 14×9 inch ELITE mono, both brand new. I found my first ever gold nugget, 0.15 of a gram, approx. 1 and a 1/2 inches deep. The next week produced a few more small bits 0.04 of a gram to 0.35 of a gram, total of 1.5 grams.


On a subsequent trip a few weeks later, I picked up about 5grams. One bit 0.53 of a gram at 6 inches. Also 2 nice species,19 grams and 60 grams at 5 inches and 9 inches, some were about 20km from town others were about 50km out. I absolutely love this coil. I think it gives the GPZ 7000 a run for its money. I say this because, a guy I met there, was using a” Z” on one of the same patches. We became friends. Bret is also an experienced prospector.

I also found an interesting piece of memorabilia – a saddle maker’s badge, Robert Smith Saddler, Perth, made from a lead tin alloy, 55mmx40mm and 46.32grams about 10 inches deep. I researched the manufacture date to 1887-1888. This I found close to some old diggings, not far from town, with permission from the lease holder of course.

Coiltek Blog - Makes Gold Prospecting Easier - 14x9" ELITE mono

On the way to Leonora I attended the annual APLA local branch bush camp, on the long weekend in June, some 145km nth east of Kalgoorlie. Here I picked up two bits, 0.32 of a gram and 0.18 of a gram total 0.50 of a gram one to three inches deep.

My most recent trip was to Karratha in the Pilbara, while here I stayed with my Son and his family. The first day out was great, in the first hour I picked up a 5.23 gram piece shaped like a water melon seed, unfortunately that was it for that spot. The next four weeks, and a few hundred kilometers of travelling back and forth from town, looking for a suitable spot to camp and detect, all that I got for my trouble, was two staked tires, $250.00 each and three small bits 0.22g,0.39g and0.84g. But I enjoyed the whole experience. I love the bush, the different animals and the peace and quiet. Detecting and finding gold is a bonus. Finding gold today is hard work, but the great products from Coiltek, make it a lot easier.