Coiltek Blog - A Powerful Gold Hunter - 11" Coiltek Gold Extreme

A Powerful Gold Hunter

I was fortunate enough to receive the new 11″ coil and mounting kit for my birthday on Friday night from my beautiful partner Liz, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I unwrapped it.

Due to the excitement of a new toy I decided to brave the horrific weather out in the triangle Saturday morning while my partner patiently sat in the car reading her That’s Life magazines.

After the first 40 minutes prospecting, I heard the familiar tone that gets the adrenaline racing. As I dug through 20cm, the noise amplified at each scan over the soil …SUCCESS! The 1st nugget found by the 11″ Coiltek Gold Extreme was discovered weighing around 0.7 grams.

Wandering 10 metres further I uncovered the 2nd piece, sourced over a foot and a half down. This largest piece of gold is so far the highlight of my detecting hobby to date.

Another 3 hours later and nothing but lead since the two chunks found earlier, the sound every prospector wants to hear rang true one more time this time without my earphones. Retrieving a 0.5-gram nugget and then in the same small patch of landscape not 5cm from its twin, approximately 8cm into the ground another 3 small lumps ranging between 0.4 & 0.7 grams of gold made their way through the earth to my shovel and into my hand.

Walking around for few more hours with daylight dwindling, at 5:35pm my partner decided to come spend time with me out in the wilderness of the bush. Or so I thought. Here I was thinking she was wanting to scour the ground with me; turns out she was just cold in the car and tired of the insects annoying her. Unable to keep a straight face, I reached into my pocket to unveil the days find totalling 4.48g to my partner. The look of amazement and surprise on her face was priceless.


I ended up having a ripper day where I pulled 6 nuggets the biggest was 1.6 grams at nearly 2 feet deep.

I am blown away with how the new Coiltek coil has transformed the SDC2300 from a crumb hunter to a powerful gold hunting machine and look forward to my next expedition venturing out to see what else I will find with it.