On target with impressive depth

Luke is a YouTube Content Creator & Recognised Minelab Detexpert & Coiltek Ambassador located in Australia. He explores and detects in fascinating old sites plus shares plenty of helpful metal detecting tips and tricks as he hunts!

“Today I had the privilege of being able to test out and run the brand new final production 18″ coil. Hunting within the inside of a sports oval and having some great finds. I found this new coil to hit hard on the targets and at very impressive depth. I was able to individualise every target with ease and locate it nearly spot on every time. I dug only small round holes to retrieve the items. It really shows how good the pinpointing accuracy is with the brand new 18″ coil.

I was only out detecting for three hours today, however I managed to snag a half dozen coins, with one of them being a silver sixpence! What we all love to find for the day!

I only found a few pieces of rubbish. I was super impressed.”

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