detectorist of the month

Life’s golden for this detector-swinging domestic goddess

As a 54-year-old “domestic goddess who can swing a detector”, our latest Detectorist of the Month shares how she got into the swing of things after going out bush – and how she uses her gold finds to help others in need.

Who or what inspired you to get into detecting?

I first got my detector after going out bush to an old abandoned gold mine. I walked down the decline and found gold with my eyes. I always loved the bush. I would go out to Higginsville, Western Australia, every weekend as a little girl while my dad worked the little mine lease with the owner, old Jack. That lease is now a massive gold mine….if only they knew. As a young girl, I would find bags of old coins around the Widgiemooltha area as my mum and dad managed the pub there.

When did you first use your Coiltek coil? 

My first coil was the 14” mono Elite when it came out. It’s my baby still to this day. No one touches this coil. It has found me heaps of the yellow stuff. I wore my first one out and had to buy another one.

How has detecting benefitted your lifestyle?

I have brain tumours and had one removed years ago, which came back in triple. I do not let this get me down, never have never will. I only feel bad that I’m alive and little kids are dying. This affects me greatly, so my way of dealing with it is that I donate gold, money, anything to help people and children suffering. Detecting gets me out in the fresh air, it’s relaxing, and my gold helps family and also people that are sick.

What have been your best finds so far?

A few years ago on Australia Day, I found a solid seven-ounce nugget. Four years later on Australia Day, I found an eight-ounce specie with seven ounces of gold in it.  Four years apart, both on Australia Day! And yes it was my 14” Elite – my baby – on my machine.

What advice would you give someone to get started?

My advice to newbies is to get out and enjoy the fresh air, and find some treasures – whether it be gold, coins or jewellery. Get a Coiltek coil on your machine and let it help you enjoy life. Win or lose, each day is exciting just wondering what you may find. It’s relaxing and the best life. You won’t find treasures sitting on the lounge. You can do it and you can learn.

– ‘Gold Diga’