Finding gold and more with the 18″ NOX coil

It’s been great to be a part of the team producing the Coiltek 18” NOX coil for Equinox and X-terra Pro. I think it certainly adds to the capabilities of these Minelab detectors.

Where would I use this? I think it’s great in open pastures hunting deep targets from historical activity. In Victoria, Australia, the goldfields, and gold rush towns are in areas where the ground has been turned over either by mining activity or agricultural means and are ideal. In fact, one of my hunts testing the 18” NOX produced a beautiful 8.6g nugget and some old coins and relics from the 1850s! See me find it here.

I can see similar uses overseas finding 1000+ year-old hoards and artefacts from early conflicts in battlefields. In open fields the 18” coil has great depth. It ploughs through thick grass, assisted by the coil’s weight. This also naturally slows the swing, which allows better overlap to maximise the coil detection area.

I ran the coil in open parks and parklands – again to maximise the area covered, and let the added depth pick up deep targets in old parks or parks that have been turned over and top dressed over the years.

In urban areas with high EMI, the coil was stable on high sensitivity. As you would expect, the 18” NOX works great on dry or wet sandy beaches where you can cover a large area quickly and get great depth. It’s use is more limited in water as the drag and weight works against you. A smaller Coiltek 14 x 9” coil would be better suited in this case.

Overall, the 18” coil is a great addition to your hunting with the Minelab Equinox and X-terra Pro machines.


Check out the 18″ NOX coil