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A Journey

Today was a lot different than any other days in the fields. Let me take you on a journey and tell you why. Before I tell you this I would like to share my previous ventures first starting off with yesterday and then I want to take you back in time to November the 09th 2016.

First and foremost I have had a lot of success over the many years using Coiltek’s Coils on the Minelab machines, from the release of the GP3000 and upgrading when the GP3500 was released – I stuck with this machine till only recently using the Coiltek DD Pro, for all of my years prospecting.

What we need in prospecting or metal detecting is belief, how do we get belief its simple when you see that first piece of gold this provides you with the belief, our hobby is so rewarding. We take ourselves on all of these adventures and keep actively fit while we do it.

So let me start on this great journey of mine from the last few weeks – Why was yesterday 17-12-2016 any different – let me tell you, while following the release of all the new machines and coils available I always stuck with the Coiltek 14″ DD Pro – reading the great results from the GPX and the Coiltek Elite Mono 14″ Camo – this combination is dynamite to say the least. Was it time or very long overdue for this combination?

I recently found a nice area to prospect with the GP3500 after spending 19 days in this area every day I was finding Gold except for one day – some day’s one piece, but still gold and it all adds up. I continued my search and narrowed down my search window. I walked along a low lying undulated area, it was roughly 5:00pm on November the 9th and there it was a little blip on the radar but enough to inspect it was roughly 2 inches down and a very small piece of rust, I then continued to search the hole again with another solid signal and the response led me to dig about 6 inches further. And it was still in the hole, I also went back over the material removed and there were 2 little signals.

All of these were gold in Red Clay – but more like loose clays red dirt you could say – not the heavily compacted clay. The piece at the bottom was about 10 inches deep and a nice 3.5gram and the others only sub grammers, I then scraped away 100mm off the top and a feet in each direction to my surprise another 3 signals and they were all gold – still sub grammers but gold. Well the thought was there to remove all the sticks and material in this undulated area and search very thoroughly – well no more signals and as I was nearing the end of this undulated are there was another signal easily interpreted by the Coiltek Pro DD 14″ – as I started to remove the overburden and swung away this target increased considerably but still appeared to be another 300mm further down. As I removed more material it was a mixture of gravel wash and appeared to be coarse and larger water worn rocks.


When I finally got to the lower level of gravel wash, I hit a clay layer which was like a chocolate brown clay, the clay was the compacted rubbery type you know how you dig it up and it breaks up in chunks, rather than the more soil type looser clays – I continued to swing over when more material was removed and again the target increased considerably but still in the ground. I then proceeded to dig into the clay layer and hit a hard rock – the clay was roughly 50 or 60mm in thickness, when I removed all the clay away the level that I had hit and the target was still in the ground. I had found a calcrete layer with large water worn rocks encased in the upper section of the Calcrete – half football size quartz water worn rocks.

Safe to assume that this was a gold target indeed, I didn’t have hammer and chisel with me but I didn’t want to leave the target in the ground, what was strange about the signal response was it appeared very wobbly from all directions – maybe it was an odd shaped piece of Gold. As I continued to hit the calcrete around the edges of the large rocks and removed them – the target got stronger.

When I was finally at the level where the target appeared to be close – I busted a section of the calcrete with the target out and in my hand, it was a nice 4.8gram nugget. I then continued to swing back over the hole and these sounds were still loud and again very wobbly – I managed to pinpoint some solid targets and noticed that the spot had more than a few more in here, the noise was a lot like EMI going crazy but signals in various areas.

After removing Sticks and that compost material that we all see from fallen tree’s building up in the low lying area’s in our bushlands, it was roughly 80 to 100mm thick, then a 300mm Gravel Wash, 60 to 80mm of Clay Layer and another 100mm into the Calcrete – these targets were at a depth of Roughly 560mm or 22 or so inches, reason the signal gave this response at this depth was because I had removed some sticks and compost material in this low lying area gaining that extra advantage, but still the signal response was because of the Coiltek Coil with the large amount of Gold in one area.

At this point I knew it was an old water way, possibly ancient creek bed. The thoughts at this time was imagine if this hole just keeps giving, and it is a honey hole of gold as I continue further down. Well the next 2 1/2 days was going to show just how much this little hole will give. On the first day I worked as much as I could to get the solid targets out, which turned out to be 23 nuggets for day one, when I arrived back to this location with hammer and chisel the following day, to my surprise it just kept giving and giving, the Coiltek DD Pro was able to respond and provide me with detectable signals to remove the gold.

In 2 1/2 Days – I removed 120 or so pieces of Gold from this hole, some were as small as 0.3g up to the biggest being 6.4g – it was one of those things we all just hope to find, little holes of gold still in situ or big ones for that matter – untouched virgin ground, rather than the usual mullock gold, or gold already disturbed or removed from the old miners. I continued to work this area with the GP3500 and Coiltek DD Pro 14 for 17 days with the odd day off in between. After spending all this time in and around this spot, the area would be roughly 150mtr square. It was getting to the point that it was hard to get the targets as I covered more and more ground.

Now I will go back to earlier how I mentioned why was yesterday 17-12-2016 any different, as I covered much of this ground thoroughly and consistently with the Coiltek DD Pro, I purchased a GPX4500 with the Coiltek Elite Mono Coil already fitted – this combination is quite the thing.

When I arrived home after purchasing the unit, as we all do when we have a new toy we like to test it out, at roughly 6:00pm on the 17-12-2016 I went to a local area where I have found gold previously with my Coiltek DD Pro, just to test the response and the way the Elite Mono would talk to me. In 10 minutes after getting familiar with the settings on the GPX – I dug the first ground noise target, 1 meter to the left again another ground noise target, safe to say this coil is very sensitive to the ground. As I stepped another meter to the left again another target, the area I was testing this mono elite in was a mixture of Heavy Mild and Light soil types, Red Clays and Hot Rocks etc – just to see how it responded in these conditions.

So back to the 3rd target – was it ground noise, indeed we all need to inspect these signals because the coil response tells us that it is some form of mineral concentration. I continued to scratch 2 inches off the top and the signal was not like the previous ground noise, this Coiltek Elite Mono was telling me that it is a solid response. Finally had the target out and it was roughly 10.5 inches deep sitting on the red clay level. And there we are on the coil and a nice 0.85gram.

I wasn’t expecting much, because I was only out to test the response from these coils. The Coiltek Elite Mono is super sensitive and gets extreme depths, all of these years detecting you get use to size of gold, the depth of the hole. I actually said to myself, how on earth a piece of gold this size can come out of a hole that deep. And the answer was Coiltek Elite Mono 14”.

I had been to this same spot a few days prior and I know this ground I had hit but missed it with my DD.

This is where it gets even more interesting, the next day was the true test to these Coiltek Elite Coils, I was waiting to get back out to where I have spent many days and found that hole of gold in Calcrete – pulling out 120+ Nuggets and in the surrounding area another 40 or so pieces of Gold. Finally arrived to the location, the weather was great, the sounds of the large insects in the tree’s making the bush somewhat livelier rather than the general wind blowing or dead quiet. I topped up the fluids after a lengthy walk, and it was time to fire up the GPX4500 with the Coiltek Elite Mono 14″ – machine initialized and that sound that we all love to hear, finally at the area and looking forward to today’s results.

After dialling the machine in and getting it to run smooth with that nice hum of the threshold. The Coiltek Elite is excellent on balancing the ground noise, I am amazed how quick it balances. And the smooth running in different soil types, I was operating in Enhance on the GPX which stabilizes the Ground Noise a lot. Excellent finally done and ready to go, what I am about to tell you is absolutely astonishing, I covered so much of this ground previously with the utmost of consistency. Now within the first 10 minutes target in red clay, and it was Gold roughly 2 inches deep and 0.08g another target within a few steps and again 0.09g – I can’t believe these coils the sensitivity and depth I have never seen a coil do this before in all of my years.


After working this area all day today well 6 hours or so, taking many pictures of each find, I always document my finds every dig and target removed is always captured on camera, helps to break up the day and I can enjoy my finds for many years to come. I was hitting every little undulated area that I had previously cleaned away sticks for the GP35 and DD Coil – So I know that I have covered this ground, today I would say 80% of the targets were missed with the DD and this Elite Coil smashed them out of the park like they were 1 gram pieces sitting only inches below the surface, there were a couple that were only just faint but still pulled me up.

Now this part is also exciting – I found 4 targets with various signal responses in the ground, some a little more solid than others, I left these 4 targets in the ground because I had the GP35 in the field with me today for testing purposes. I swung over these 4 targets with the GP and DD with no luck at all, the DD Could not see these targets but the Elite was very noticeable.

I switched the DD out and put the Coiltek Elite Mono onto the GP35 operating in Mono and in Normal, I had slight ground noise but not as much as I thought it would have, I balanced the GP35 and was very surprised on how quick it balanced and was quiet on the red clays, now this is some great results here well done Coiltek for designing this Elite Coil. I am so happy with these results and also many others who I have passed on these test results to are very grateful with my test results. This coil is the best, these targets couldn’t be heard with the DD on the GP35 – but now when each target was gone over with the GP3500 it could now hear them all. When each target was removed 3 of these targets were gold., 0.15g 0.3g and 0.5g the other target was a small piece of lead.

When these targets were removed at this time the GP35 had the DD back on it and I tested the targets on the actual coil itself and even when I held these targets on the bottom surface of the coil – the detector struggled to interpret these – but the Coiltek Elite seen these at 2 inches, 3 inches and 6.5 inches. When placed the targets on the top surface of the outer part of the Elite Coil these targets screamed.

After a good test and more hours to fill, I managed to pull out 3 more pieces of junk and many more pieces of gold. In total 80% of the grounds was definitely hit previously with the DD and the elite smashed it as mentioned, for the total today in this area I pulled out 13 pieces of gold. I would like to say to Coiltek that this is the best coil ever, and hope that they continue to further the technology to help us all keep enjoying our hobby.

Now in this area which is located in the Golden Triangle – I am looking forward to what comes in the next few weeks here using the Elite Coil – In total with today’s finds would be 160+ Pieces in 20 days just in this area. I would love to share all of my images with everyone but can only upload 2 images, I captured images of every single piece of gold removed from this calcrete, even the samples removed for crushing and panning with 26 colours in the first pan. If you look at my Vimeo video it has still images narrated with finds from October 5th 2016 to 20th December 2016 – in 2 ½ Months in the fields with days off in between I have pulled out over 300 Nuggets all in the Golden Triangle Area.

All of the pieces of gold found in and around this area as well with all images captured for the digs. Which shows you all Ground, Soil Type, Depth and Gold removed – they say take only pictures and memories and leave nothing but footprints – In our case we take only pictures, memories and GOLD and leave not even footprints.

I hope you all enjoy my journey from November 9th 2016 to December 20th 2016 – I wish you all the best and happy hunting with the Coiltek Coils When I started to write this it was the day I found that beautiful specimen – well the next day I wasn’t going to head out the bush, it got the better of me sitting here reading some literature and thinking about all the patches that I have found with the DD and 3500 – so I ventured out to this area where I have had great success – when I first arrived – you know these areas that have a high probability of gold, this area I had worked for months getting out all the junky targets – but this area wasn’t overly littered with old junk metal, lead rust and the usual other than Gold, this spot when I first found it was about 60% of the targets were in fact gold, over the 3 months many years ago I pulled out roughly 50 or so pieces from small up to the largest being 12.8grams – it ended up getting to that point that I could spend a full day and not hit any targets – but when I did it was 99% sure to be gold.

Well this is the area I went back to today being the 20th December – and I went straight to the area where I hit most gold targets. Well when I fired up the GPX 4500 with the dynamite Coiltek Elite 14” Mono – let it do its thing then tuned away, balanced and adjusted the RX and Stab – this thing was humming beautifully – so smooth.

Now in this spot I had been back only a couple of weeks prior and hit 7 pieces of Gold, 5 on one day then the next 2 pieces, well I took 2 steps within the first few seconds after the machine was running and there it was, a nice little solid signal. And it was gold with ironstone inclusions throughout, only small 0.5g but the depth and sensitivity of these coils is astonishing to say the least. I searched this entire section and no more targets, onto the next spot in this area. I wasn’t focusing on the ground between these finds which is great grounds but more so the patches that I found. All through this area will need a good go over with the new Elite Coil and can’t wait to see what prevails.

I worked through each area hitting a couple of small pieces of gold. Well that was great but the next thing was truly amazing, in 3 ½ hours to dig these targets after I had hit this area in over 3 months and it still gives more because of this new Elite Coil punching deeper and being more sensitive. This next target was reasonably loud, appeared to be much like a 303 lead maybe 3 or 4 inches deep, well was I in for a surprise. I removed the general top soil, maybe an inch or so. Then the next material was unconsolidated gravels wash, this entire area is a large mass of conglomerate varying in thickness from 50 to 100mm up to feet in thickness, and the lower material below it is solid red clays.

Well After the soft was came out it was hard base that I struck, and the target was still in there. Very loud at this point and I was roughly 4 to 6 inches deep, I pinpointed the best I could and smashed out the conglomerate in between checking the target, 100mm later I was through the conglomerate and seeing red clays. Target still in the ground, these are the moment we just savour, sweat a bit, dig some more take a drink break and enjoy. Well 16 inches later the target was out – depth was marked on the pick as a reminder. And there we have it out in the hand and blanking out. A nice looking 10.75g Nugget – Today I got 6 pieces in 3 ½ hours In grounds that I thought had given up everything or at least everything that I thought I could find – just goes to show these new technology Coils are quite the thing. I will always stay up to date with Coiltek’s Coils from now on.

Now you have my venture in writing please watch the video and you will see it all unfold. As always be safe and well in the fields, enjoy take care and talk soon.

Gold is not that hard to find you just have to be patient, persistent, persevere, consistent have belief take action to get results and this will provide you with certainty. Or just use the Coiltek Elite this thing is my new best friend – it was almost getting to a point take a step find gold take another step find gold, in saying this I had worked hard with the GP35 and DD and covered real estate to narrow down this area, which was a high probable gold area. But the Elite just cleaned up.

P.S – Keep up the great work Team Coiltek