Old Ground with New Tech

As the weather cools, I’ve again headed west, and it’s great to be back out swinging into another season. This year, in Western Australia’s vast Yilgarn Craton, I’m on some of the world’s oldest ground, with the newest technology.

Focusing on an area with quartz and ironstone on the ground, I’m running the Goldhawk  series of coils for the GPX 6000 over ground I’ve covered thoroughly before with older coils – and I’m absolutely cleaning up on a patch I thought was well cleared out!

The signals are clear and strong even for the smallest particles at depth, the pin pointing accuracy and sensitivity are impressive, and the 14×9″ is large enough to cover sizable tracks of ground, yet still well manoeuvrable in denser growth.

The 9″ round coil is a great choice for finding those pieces of gold that are a little further beneath the soil without losing the sensitivity that locates those smallest bits.

As for the 10×5″, well, this coil is deadly! Clearly locating the tiniest pieces of gold that older technology coils just can’t hear. This robust coil is ideal for getting in between those grass clumps and vegetation debris that cover the trickiest of ground.

On sites that have been popular and well detected over the years, this new technology is finding gold that older coils and machines have missed and making old ground truly worth visiting again.

If there’s the find of a lifetime lurking at depth, I know I’ll hear it now, but meantime, the small stuff adds up and keeps me in game and on the ground.

Rick Fisher 

Aussie Gold Hunter