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The Treasure Hunter

When a new accessory for one of my favourite waterproof metal detectors comes out, I always want to know how and where it will make a difference at the beach. I have four different size search coils for my CTX 3030, so where does the waterproof 14×9” CTX help me as a beach and water hunter?

I quickly discovered the new 14×9” CTX search coil fills the gap between the stock CTX 3030 11-inch search coil and the 17-inch search coil. I am a long time CTX 3030 and Coiltek search coils user, so this large search coil is just what I have been waiting for. The “Tweener” big coil is ideal for working the lower beach and shallow water, a place inferior search coils are noisy. Many large search coils are erratic on the lower beach or in saltwater, unless you really lower the sensitivity on your metal detector. I am pleased to say you do not have to dumb down your CTX 3030 to use the new 14×9” CTX search coil near saltwater.

My CTX 3030 sensitivity setting of choice in the surf zone is normally Auto+3, using a modified Beach Mode discrimination pattern to suit the beaches I search. On the lower beach and in the water, using dipped headlights in the fog analogy holds true with many waterproof metal detectors. My first choice searching away from saltwater would probably be the highest manual CTX 3030 sensitivity setting, but I saw no drop off in target depth using the 14×9” CTX search coil and Auto+3 sensitivity setting.


I discovered the CTX 3030 Recovery Deep on setting to be overkill when using the new coil, target depth and target recovery speed actually increased with the Recovery Deep off. With this setting in the off position, I also saw more accurate target readouts on the display screen. Faint signal responses I would normally only hear with a maxed out Volume Gain, were noticeable at lower settings using the Coiltek 14×9” CTX coil. These are perfect examples of testing metal detector settings with accessory search coils to suit the beach conditions, instead of possibly missing a valuable target by not seeing what you can and cannot get away with.

The 14×9” CTX reminds me of the old chunky Sovereign and Excalibur BBS search coils, hard-core search coils built like tanks. Heavier than slimline search coils, but a god send for shallow water hunters. The weight of the 14×9” CTX is an asset for water hunters, cutting thru hilly sandy bottoms and not being moved around in rough surf. No floating issues with this chunky monkey, and no false signal issues when bumping the coil under water.

Another great thing about the new coil from a beach hunters prospective is the semi elliptical shape. I have found this shape search coil helps reduce both iron and target masking at trashy beach sites. Target recovery speed is also improved at many trashy beach sites using a semi elliptical search coil. You can also get closer to obstructions on the beach or inside the water, places where jewellery and coins come to rest against. The type of areas often ignored by other beach and water hunters using large round search coils. From experience, covering eroded “Cut” beaches is easier using large semi elliptical search coils. You can sweep the side of an elliptical search coil right up to the base of the cut. This side search coil contact at the base of a cut, improves your chances of detecting targets round search coils are susceptible to missing unless you overlap your sweeps.

The 14×9” CTX coil is a useful size, sensitive to small targets and like any large Coiltek coil it detects a wide variety of targets with impressive depths. If you are looking for another great search coil option for your CTX 3030, I highly recommend the new Coiltek 14×9” CTX for beach and water hunting.

Stay salty my friends!

Cheers Gary Drayton – Professional Treasure Hunter, Florida USA