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Coiltek Blog - Successful under power lines! - Butch Holcombe testing the 11” Anti-interference coil under powerlines - Coiltek 11” Anti-interference Coil
Goldhunting Anti Interference

Successful under power lines!

Butch Holcombe from the American Digger magazine has published a product test on the Coiltek 11” Anti-interference Coil. I had already tested its performance around urban electrical interference, and other detectors, and was very impressed. Yet, I wanted to give it the upmost challenge: using it underneath active high voltage lines

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Coiltek Blog - Make my day! - Coiltek 14” Mono Elite

Make my day!

In resurrecting a childhood interest in detecting, I engrossed myself through months and months of internet research and conversation with many a knowledgeable person in efforts to find a suitable detector. I quickly realized metal detecting had come a long way since my interest had first peaked some 35 years prior. I was now looking at some serious detecting hardware, notably commanding some serious outlay of coin!

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Coiltek Blog - 10 x 5" DD Elliptical Joey - Coiltek finds coin and gold - 10x5" Treasureseeker
Coin & Treasure

10 x 5″ DD Elliptical Joey

After trying the Coiltek DD 10 x 5″ elliptical Joey coil at an old ruin with great results, I decided to try some of those trashy high traffic areas around the club rooms at a local football oval and some local netball/tennis courts. Surprise, surprise, the football oval was no different than most with a multitude of pull tabs, screw tops and bits of squashed up foil littered everywhere making it very difficult to detect successfully.

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Coiltek Blog - Amazing gold find
Coin & Treasure

Amazing find in Victoria

I recently visited the Gold Centre Maryborough shop in Victoria wanting to trade in my detector and coils to upgrade to a second hand MINELAB GPX 4500 and I chose a COILTEK 10 x 5″ Joey coil.

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